Make Your Own Fishing Lures – Woodworking and Fishing Combined

If you love to craft, especially woodworking, and you love to fish, then you are someone who would enjoy learning how to make your own fishing lures.

The possibilities are endless because there are so many variations that can be used on each fishing lure you make.

First there is the matter of wood choice, which can be a hard or a soft wood. The type of wood used has a lot to do with how your homemade lure will perform in the water. Then there are the choices of hardware, the colors of paint, and the detailing on the lure.

Most importantly of all, there is the lure testing, which is when you take your lures to the lake, creek, or river, and go to work catching fish on your own homemade fishing lures.

Every angler should give this a try just once. You can save a lot of money making your own homemade fishing lures. The supplies are minimal and include basically wood, a few basic tools, the lure hardware, and some paint and varnish.

Do you love to fish? Then here’s all you need to make your own fishing lures. Read on for more details and features in the “Ultimate Guide to Homemade Fishing Lures.”

Here are just a few of the things you’ll find in this Lure Making Treasure:

  • Best woods for lure making and the sources for purchasing them
  • Material sources for all components for lure making so you don’t have to hunt for them yourself
  • Tools needed for lure making and instructions on proper use
  • Information on the best paintings and coatings and precise instructions on applying them to your wood lures
  • Detailed instructions on color painting coat materials, where to buy them, and how to create beautiful colorful wooden lures
  • Money savings tips and instructions on air brushing colors to your wooden plugs
  • Techniques for painting unique patterns on your lures using “masking”
  • Good wood sealer is critical to extend the life of your lures; learn which sealers are best and where to find them
  • Learn exactly how to make a popper mouth lure including proper tools to use and precise usage tips
  • Thru Wire construction method explained in detail, including drilling techniques for your wooden lures
  • Complete instructions on making Saltwater Striper lures, flat nosed swimmer lures, or round nose Danny style swimmers
  • Learn the best tail wrap method for your lures so you get the perfect tail wrap every single time
  • Get the best sources for lure components, including the most difficult to find lure making materials

Other Great Benefits to the Ultimate Lure Guide:

  • COLOR photo illustrations are included for many of the lure making processes
  • The information you gain from this book is available for the cost of two or three commercial fishing lures; for the price of 3 lures, you can have the skills and knowledge to make lures for a lifetime!
  • This instructional guide provides the detail you need for every step involved in homemade lure making
  • This is a 30 Chapter Lure Making Guide, covering ALL aspects of making fishing lures from sourcing materials to lure packaging for resell if you decide to sell your lures for profit
  • One of the most challenging parts of lure making is material sourcing, and that information is provided in this guide in detail
  • The detail and information in this guide is extremely useful and unlike any other book or CD I have seen on making homemade wooden fishing lures