Craft Website Hosting – Sell Your Crafts Online Part 1

Setting up a website for your craft business is easier and more affordable than many people think.

You do not have to be a whiz site programmer or know much about HTML code.

This series of articles will walk you through how to start your online craft website.

This initial article will highlight the benefits of having a craft website where you can sell your handmade crafts.

* The cost depends on where you set up your site. The craft site host we’ll suggest runs as low as $12.50 a month for a full featured website. We’ll cover more details and features in a separate article in this series.

* A webstore allows your shoppers to browse your products 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. No matter what time of day, they can always access your products for purchase when it is most convenient for them.

* With the price of gas as it is today, more and more people are shopping online. Why hassle with driving, parking, and shopping in a crowd when you can do it in the convenience of your own home, anytime you like?

* The do-it-yourself method of website hosting is much cheaper than paying a web master or developer to do it for you. With the convenience and ease of do-it-yourself website builders, it is simpler than ever to create and manage your own website, without having to pay someone to assist or do it for you.

* Because you manage your site yourself, you do not experience lengthy delays while you wait on your web master or programmer to do it for you. You can change what you like, when you like.

* You can run a craft website as a part time job. When your sales reach a volume high enough for you to do it full-time, you can easily devote more time to your crafts and offer a larger variety of products on your website. If your situation requires that you work a regular job in addition to your craft website business, no problem; you can easily do both if necessary.

* By having your own website, you control your costs. The only fees you have are your monthly hosting fee, which is extremely low at only $12.50 per month. In addition to that, you have a domain name fee which is only $9-$10 dollars per year, so that is less than $1 per month. If you accept credit cards or paypal, then you have small fees associated for accepting payments. Amounts you spend on advertising and site promotion are up to you, BUT our future articles will show you how to promote your site without spending a lot, if any, money.

* You can still have a presence on Ebay, Bonanzle, Etsy, and other places. You can use those to steer people to your website, as long as you abide by each site’s policies for doing so. The bulk of your products will reside on your website, so you do not incur large fees and commission charges on high priced auction style sites.

Now more than ever people are realizing the convenience and ease of working from home. You can be your own boss, work the hours of your choosing, and expand your business as you desire.

If you enjoy making crafts and want to sell your products online, don’t wait any longer. It is easy, affordable, and it is a tremendous amount of fun. There is great reward in knowing that you have accomplished something as gratifying as your own online craft website business.

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