Sock Monkey Supplies – Make Your Own Sock Monkey

An age old traditional homemade toy dates back generations, and that toy is the Sock Monkey Doll.

Traditionally, these dolls were created from worn and used socks as money was scarce and a brand new pair of socks could not be squandered on something such as a child’s toy.

It was hard enough to come by food, medicine, and the necessities for daily living, and a pair of brand new socks would go through many wearings and darnings before being released into the sock monkey pile.

We’ve come a long way since then, but the sock monkey doll has held its own throughout the years and is still being made and enjoyed by many people today.

While the worn dolls of yesteryear are treasured antiques of today, you can have sock monkey dolls made from brand new red heeled socks without waiting for them to be worn and darned repeatedly.

We are going to give you several options for getting your own red heeled sock monkey doll.

I happen to like the traditional red heeled sock monkey best, but you can get creative and try other colored socks if you wish.

Sock monkey supplies required are not very extensive, the largest expense being the socks themselves. You can stuff the doll with old nylon stockings, doll stuffing, quilt batting, or whatever other material you find that is suitable for a soft stuffed doll.

You can order a ready sock monkey doll, you can order the socks only, or a basic sock monkey kit, or a deluxe sock monkey kit that is pre-sewn and ready to assemble for those without a sewing machine*.

Sock Monkey Kit includes:

  • One pair of red heeled traditional sock monkey socks
  • Red neck scarf
  • Cap pom-pom
  • Buttons for eyes
  • Step by Step Instructions and Pattern with drawings and diagrams
  • Adoption Certificate
  • Embroidery Floss
  • Sewing needle and thread

What you need on hand:

  • Sewing machine unless you are ordering the Deluxe Kit*
  • Scissors
  • Time

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