Start A Candy Wrapper Business

Starting a Candy Wrapper Business is a lot of fun, and it requires very little cash to get started. Many shy away from this as a viable business for them because they are afraid they will have to spend a lot of time learning a complicated graphics program. Guess what! You can get started easily and quickly even if you have no graphic design experience whatsoever!

Candy Wrapper Software is the answer. A good package comes preloaded with plenty of templates, graphics, and the flexibility for you to be as creative as you like. You’ll be amazed at the few supplies that are required and how inexpensive they are.

The possibilities of this business are endless. You devote as much or as little time to your Candy Wrapper Business as you like. Here are just a few ideas for this profitable home based printing business: birthday parties, graduation parties, anniversaries and retirement celebrations, bridal and baby showers, weddings, dances, fundraisers, corporate promotional products, or just wrappers and printables for your own personal use.

If you are a stay at home mom or dad looking for a way to earn some extra income and have a lot of fun at the same time, find out more about the Sweet Business of Candy Wrappers and Printables. It’s easy, fun, and profitable!

Candy Wrapper Business 

Table of Contents

  • Candy Wrapper Business – Supplies
  • Marketing Your Candy Wrapper Business – Part I
  • Marketing Your Candy Wrapper Business – Part 2
  • Candy Wrapper Software
  • Candy Wrapper Software Extraordinaire
  • How To Start A Candy Wrapper Business
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Candy Wrapper Business – Supplies 

What Exactly Do I Need?

Here’s the good part. The Candy Wrapper Business does not take much to get started. That is what makes it such an appealing start up home business opportunity! You are only limited by your, well, yourself! You make all the choices!

Work more, work less, expand more, expand less. It’s totally up to you.

Here’s all you need to get started!

Supply List

  • Candy Wrapper Software
  • Color Inkjet or Laser Printer
  • Regular Inkjet or Laser Paper
  • Candy Bars (if you are not selling wrappers only)
  • Gluestick or Adhesive
  • Scissors or Craft Paper Cutter

That’s it for basic start up supplies! Hard to believe, isn’t it? Most of these items are already available to you, making this an extremely affordable home based business opportunity.

Marketing Your Candy Wrapper Business – Part I 

Who Will Your Clients Be

Okay. You have your Candy Wrapper Software. You have the supplies you need to get started. What’s next?

You need to establish a business marketing plan. Sounds like quite an undertaking, but really it is not difficult at all. As time goes by and your business becomes more established, you’ll come up with plenty of potential clients on your own, but for now, here are some ideas to get you started.

  1. Schools: schools are always having fundraisers. Take a few samples by with a Fundraiser Proposal. Make sure your contact information is printed on your samples. Schools are departmentalized with many different areas to target. Make sure you make contact with the sports teams, cheer leading squads, the band, the Student Council, and any other special clubs and groups the school has.
  2. School Parent Teacher Organizations: PTO’s also promote many fundraisers throughout the year, so don’t forget to target them as well. Either become a member of the PTO and attend meetings, or talk to the PTO chairman about a Candy Bar Fundraiser.
  3. Gift Basket Companies: Gift basket companies are always looking for personalized and unique items to include in their creative designs. Promote your products to them with a wide variety of ideas such as wine bottle labels, candle labels, candy and gum wrappers, labels for jars of nuts or gourmet treats; if it has a label or gets wrapped, you can create some colorful customized wrappers with Zing and Pop!
  4. Party and Event Planners: Make sure party and event planners have you on their list. Personalized wrappers are great for any type of event, including showers, parties, weddings, picnics, barbecues, office meetings, graduations, and so forth. Create a colorful brochure you can supply to potential clients showcasing your creative ideas.
  5. Florists: Florists also are always in need of colorful and personalized trinkets and favors to include with their arrangements. Present them with samples that work well for their type of business, revolving around themes such as: Get Well Soon, Happy Anniversary, Happy Birthday, etc.
  6. Gift Shops and Convenience Stores: Gift shops and other local specialty stores are usually agreeable to placing your items on display in their stores. In exchange, they simply get a commission on each sale made. Talk to local shops in your area about placing small displays of your products in their store.
  7. Businesses: Companies most always budget a certain amount for promotional materials. They place these items in their offices for clients to take with the idea of circulating their company name, logo, and slogan. This does not have to be just candy; you can make wrappers for anything, so let your creative imagination go to work. Include doctor and dentist offices, churches, banks, accounting and legal offices, realtors, motels, restaurants, automobile dealerships, hair salons, and so forth.

Don’t just stop with these few ideas. Always be on the lookout for new potential clients when you are out and about town. Browse through the yellow pages of your phone book for new ideas. Network with family, friends, and business associates. Word of mouth can be a very effective marketing tool.

Marketing Your Candy Wrapper Business – Part 2 

Selling Ideas and Tips

  • Get a website. Even if you know nothing about creating or running a website, there are companies who do and are willing to help you get started. Penney Layne Graphics offers an easy to use Easy Site Builder. They set your site up for free and offer technical support and assistance at no charge for the lifetime of your site. The cost? Extremely affordable. The site builder is designed for those who have no HTML experience, so anyone can have a website up and running ready to load products in less than a day. The builder is designed for beginners AND advanced users, so if you do know HTML, you can surely use it in the creation of your site.
  • Give out samples. Don’t give away large size bars or products, maybe miniatures and small inexpensive items. Target your samples to clients you think will seriously consider buying from you. You’ll find a lot of takers when you hand out free products, so don’t end up on a street corner handing free candy to any passerby. Target your samples to potential buyers.
  • Always keep business cards and brochures handy. You never know when an opportunity for a potential sale will present itself.
  • Attend meetings where you can promote your business, such as PTO meetings, church socials, office meetings. Give your cards and brochures to friends and ask them to distribute them where they work. Networking is a wonderful way to get the word out, so next time you are at a birthday party or social gathering, don’t be afraid to subtly promote your business. Don’t overdo it, but take advantage of opportunities.

Candy Wrapper Software 

Where Do I Get the Software?

Now for some information on choosing Candy Wrapper Software.

  • Cost is most always a factor, so you want the best bang for your buck.
  • You want a candy wrapper software that comes with plenty of templates and graphics already built in.
  • You do not want to be limited on the size of your wrappers, so make sure you have the flexibility to specify custom sizes.
  • Get a software specifically designed for this purpose. It will require a much larger learning curve if you try to start out with a more complex package that requires you to first train yourself in the software, then adapt it to your intended use.
  • You want the flexibility of adding in your own photos and images rather than being limited only to those supplied in the software.

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