5 Tips for Home Based Business Startup

Tough economic times call for new strategies in making a living. You want to start a home based business, but you are not sure how. It’s much easier than you think! And the cost to get started is incredibly affordable.

While we are in difficult economic times in many ways, with corporate cutbacks and layoffs, rising unemployment, and rising expenses, oddly enough, the online business world is thriving. Why not slice off your piece of the internet pie, and make a living in the comfort of your own home?

Starting and operating a home based business is much easier than you think. It’s actually quite addictive. I know, I now own 100’s of domain names (it’s an addiction!), and plenty of active websites.

Running and operating a home based business is a lot of fun. It does require effort, but I like to think of it as more fun than work.

If you have been thinking of starting your own online business, now is a great time to do so. It is very affordable, and it is very easy for even the most basic beginner. Here are 5 Tips for Home Based Business startups.

Home Based Business Contents 

Tip #1: Choosing A Home Based Business
Tip #2: Selecting a Domain Name for Your Website
Tip #3: Easy Website Set-Up
Tip #4: Marketing Your New Website
Tip #5: Join Affiliate Programs to Increase Profits

Home Based Business Tip #1 

Choosing a Business

Decide what you’ll sell in your online home based business. This can be a product you make such as crafts. It can be a service you offer; if you are a graphic artist, lawn care professional, day care provider, or dog walking service, you can benefit from a website to promote your home based business.

You can use a website to sell advertising space to others. You promote the site, add interesting content, build up the site’s page rank, and your virtual “real estate” becomes valuable to others.

If you own a restaurant or other type of business, you can use your website to promote it. A restaurant, for example, might post their menu, along with a way to place takeout orders, and a map of directions to their location.

Other choices include selling information products, like EBooks and instructional DVD’s; affiliate marketing; reselling products you purchase wholesale; selling products from a dropship service.

Home Based Business Tip #2 

Get A Domain Name
Your home based business will need a domain name. Domain names are cheap. They run around $10 a year, which is around 80 cents a month. I personally prefer .COM domain names, but the one you want may not always be available.

Consider Branding When Selecting a Domain Name
Don’t try to get a famous brand domain name for another company with a different extension. You are asking for trouble with a lawsuit, especially if your site is successful.

If someone already has the same domain name you want in a different extension, getting your own version of it may not be the best idea anyway. It could actually steal some of your thunder. Let’s say a domain name exists for desiredsitename.com. You choose desiredsitename.biz instead.

Desired Sight Name (.com) has been around a while, has page ranking, and operates a successful webstore. Sometimes people “assume” a web extension is .com for a site, and that is usually the first one they’ll try. That might cost you traffic.

Also, when they type in a search for Desired Site Name, your sight might come up, right along with Desired Site Name (.com), your competition. Might not be such a good thing. You might lose the traffic to your competitor’s website.

Keyword in Domain Name
If you sell candles, you most likely want to have candle or candles as a keyword in your domain name. There are various opinions on keywords in domain names, a lot of it depends on how you plan to target traffic to your site, how you plan to use your site, and so forth.

Some website owners are not concerned with this, and others are very concerned with it. If you have an article directory, you probably would like to have article or articles in the domain name.

Length of Domain Name
I am very fussy on this subject. I’ve cautioned customers wanting to create websites with domain names such as:


Don’t laugh, I’ve seen it. First you are asking for typing mistakes EVERY time you or anyone else enters it.

Second, it won’t even fit in an email without having to wrap around, causing the reader to have to cut and paste it into the browser window in some instances.

Third, every time you add a page or image to the site, the domain name will become even LONGER.


I try my best to keep my domain names 15 characters or under. I may make an exception, depending on the name, but don’t overdo it. Keep it short, easy to type, easy to remember, and easy to spell.

Domain Name Blunders
Sometimes, unintentionally, we create domain names that seem innocent and sensible enough when we first create them. Always stand back, and take a second look at the domain name overall.

Here’s an example: your sell skin lotion, and you are thinking of the domain name Linda’s Skin Lotion. Sounds innocent enough. Let’s have a look: lindasskinlotion.com. See what I mean? Doesn’t that middle word stand out a little? I’d choose something else, if it were me.

Home Based Business Tip #3 

Easy Site Set Up

You have a product to sell (Tip #1) and you have a domain name (Tip #2). Now you need to create your website. Guess what? This is the EASY part, if you do it right.

If you do not know any HTML, no problem. You can have a website up and created for you in less than a day, ready to start playing with it and adding products.

The cost? A mere $12.50 a month. That includes setup, installation, hosting, DIY Website Builder, everything. Sounds too good to be true, right?

Penney Layne’s DIY Website Builder makes it easy for beginners and advanced users alike to get a website up and loaded fast.

All you do is sign up, tell them your domain name, and choose a webset (that’s extra, but very affordable and hosting clients get 15% discount on all websets), and they load everything up.

You get an email with a log in to your admin panel, and you are ready to go. If you get stuck or have questions, no problem. Technical support and help is free for the lifetime of your site.

The panel is easy to navigate, well organized, and again, if you get stuck or need help, they are happy to assist.

Using a DIY Website Builder takes the challenge and guesswork out of starting your own website. That’s the goal at Penney Layne Graphics. Their motto is “We make it easy.”

Home Based Business Tip #4 

Marketing Your New Website

After you’ve added some categories and products, you are ready to announce your site. You can start out here, at Squidoo, of course.

Marketing your website with relevant keywords and information about your products by creating new lenses. If you don’t know how, there is plenty of help and information for anyone wanting to create a promotional lens.

You can market and promote your site without spending any money. All it takes is a bit of your time. You can spend money on advertising if you want, maybe down the road when your website is earning revenue, but starting out, go with free, or at least inexpensive ways, to get site traffic.

In addition to their DIY Website Builder, Penney Layne also offers SEO help and information on great ways to get traffic to your site. Be sure to join their newsletter while there.

Home Based Business Tip #5 

Join Affiliate Programs

If you are going to have a website, use its space, or “real estate,” to your advantage.

A home based business benefits by diversifying its revenue making strategies.

For instance, the Penney Layne Affiliate Program allows anyone, hosting client or not, to earn 10% commission on all of their products. Best of all it’s FREE.

That means if you post a link on your links page using their affiliate code, and someone clicks and signs up for hosting, you get 10% of the hosting fee. Here’s what else is great. You don’t just get the commission fee when the customer first signs up. You get it every time they renew.

Even if you don’t sign up for hosting with them, at least take advantage of their incredible Affiliate Program.

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